Top Sedation Dentistry Edmonton – Pain & Anxiety Free

Dental fear is a very common phobias, despite ongoing improvements in anesthesia, treatment methods, and technology. At Tooth Works, we are qualified sedation dentists, and we can provide several options so that you can overcome your concerns and get the care you need.

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to reduce dental anxiety, but it is also a great alternative for patients who need several procedures in a limited time frame, have trouble numbing with local anesthetic, or have neck or back pain that prevents them from relaxing comfortably in a dental chair. At Tooth Works, we offer nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and oral conscious sedation.

Nitrous Oxide – We administer nitrous oxide through a small nose-hood that you wear before and during treatment. Nitrous oxide promotes numbness and an overall sense of well-being. Effects of nitrous subside shortly after the nose-hood is removed, so you will be capable of driving yourself home if this is the only sedation you receive.

Oral Sedation – With oral sedation, you take a dentist-prescribed pill about an hour before treatment. The medication induces deep relaxation, though you will still be able to respond to the dentist’s questions and directions. Patients who receive oral sedation typically remember very little of the actual procedure and report that hours seem like minutes. With oral sedation, you will need to have a friend or family member drive you to and from your appointment.

Oral Conscious Sedation – In some cases, the dentist may combine oral sedation with nitrous oxide to ensure optimal comfort. As with oral sedation, you will need to have someone accompany you to and from your dental visit.

When we discuss your options, we will thoroughly explain the method of sedation that we feel will work best for you. Once we’ve decided on the most effective option, we’ll provide specific instructions that you are to follow the day of the procedure.

If you have any questions about our sleep dentistry practices, or you think you may be a candidate, call Tooth Works today to reserve your consultation with one of our dentists.