Dental Technology Professional Edmonton

Dental technology has made oral healthcare easier, more comfortable, and more fun! Our patient education tools let us show you exactly what’s going on inside your mouth and present treatment plans in a way that’s easy to understand. Digital imaging technology allows you to see the results of certain cosmetic or restorative procedures before you ever receive treatment.

Your comfort is our top priority at Tooth Works, which is why we invest in modern tools like ViziLite, Periowave, and air abrasion (a popular alternative to the traditional dental drill, a source of pain and fear for many patients). This way, we can conservatively find and treat dental conditions.

We even have stereos in all of our operatory rooms to enhance your dental experience. Bring your favorite music to your appointment and then sit back and relax while we work on improving your smile!

Learn more about the benefits of dental technology, and then call Tooth Works today to reserve your consultation with Dr. Shewchuk or Dr. Withanachchi. We are conveniently located in downtown Edmonton one block away from the Corona and Grandin LRT stops.