Hockey is an important part of Canadian culture, especially in Edmonton. Between our NHL hockey team, the Edmonton Oilers, the amateur and semi-pro leagues, and the number of pick-up games being played on streets across the city, it’s clear that Edmonton is crazy about Canada’s national sport. Here is some more information about the history of hockey in Edmonton:

Edmonton Oilers

Perhaps Edmonton’s most important hockey-related export is the Edmonton Oilers. The Oilers were formed in 1971, one of the original founders of the World Hockey Association. The Edmonton Oilers have won the Stanley Cup five times: 1983-84, 1984–85, 1986–87, 1987–88 and 1989–90. Because of their outstanding record in the 1980s, the Edmonton Oilers have been inducted as a dynasty team in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Minor League Hockey

For those interested in getting their children involved in hockey, Edmonton has a number of minor hockey leagues throughout the city. Knights of Columbus Hockey offers citywide organized minor league hockey, ranging from Initiation (ages 4-6) to AAA (ages 15-17). If your child is intimidated by the ice or doesn’t like to skate, the Edmonton Minor Ball Hockey League provides group ball hockey for kids aged 3-18. Edmonton is the place to go for hockey lovers everywhere. With professional, amateur, and minor leagues all around the city, Edmonton fully embraces Canada’s most beloved pastime.

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