Good news for Edmonton children and families: the mumps outbreak that recently affected the city, as well as other parts of southern Alberta, has been officially declared over by health professionals. Two outbreaks during February and March were responsible for 48 cases of mumps, according to the Alberta Health Services. The total number of mumps cases in Alberta this year so far is 75, a dramatic increase for 2016, when the total number of cases was eight.

A mumps outbreak at the University of Alberta campus was first reported in February and then spread to all of Edmonton by March. Players in the Western Hockey League were reported to have contracted the infection along with a coach, prompting health officials to advise the league to avoid direct contact with fans.

Mumps is a condition that, in the past, has mostly affected children, but is easily preventable through routine immunization. Characterized by swelling and pain in the glands of the jaw, mumps is a contagious viral infection. Symptoms vary from case to case, ranging from swelling, sore throat, a bad cold, headaches, jaw aches, or flu-like symptoms. Mumps is easily treatable and if diagnosed early enough, it can be treated without any serious long-term side effects. However, if mumps does develop, it can lead to some serious health complications that can affect the brain, testicles, ovaries, or pancreas.

Luckily for the Edmonton community, the mumps outbreak has been declared over throughout the city with outbreak numbers tapering off. Because mumps can cause swelling in the jaw glands, some patients may require dental care for jaw injury after recovery. If the recent mumps outbreak has caused you jaw pain, toothaches, or alignment issues, visit us at Toothworks Dentistry for emergency oral care. Our team of dental professionals can help address any dental care issue you may be experiencing. For more information about our dental services and to book an appointment with one of our specialists, contact us today at Toothworks Dentistry.