Denture Care and Cleaning Tips

Partial or full dentures are removable prosthetic devices that can give you the beautiful, whole smile you deserve. If you lose teeth due to accidental damage or teeth need to be removed because of potential health risk or infection, dentures are the best way to restore your smile. Just like natural teeth, dentures require proper [...]

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Hockey in Edmonton: Celebrating the City’s Favourite Pastime

Hockey is an important part of Canadian culture, especially in Edmonton. Between our NHL hockey team, the Edmonton Oilers, the amateur and semi-pro leagues, and the number of pick-up games being played on streets across the city, it’s clear that Edmonton is crazy about Canada’s national sport. Here is some more information about the history [...]

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Edmonton Outdoor Pools Open for Free This Summer

Starting July 1st, four outdoor public pools in Edmonton will be open free of charge for the rest of the season. The special promotion is in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation. The four pools participating in this special promotion are Queen Elizabeth, Fred Broadstock, Mill Creek, and Oliver. The idea was inspired by [...]

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Edmonton Mumps Outbreak Officially Declared Over by Alberta Health Officials

Good news for Edmonton children and families: the mumps outbreak that recently affected the city, as well as other parts of southern Alberta, has been officially declared over by health professionals. Two outbreaks during February and March were responsible for 48 cases of mumps, according to the Alberta Health Services. The total number of mumps [...]

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How to Care for Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are a simple and effective way to improve the look of your smile and prevent health issues associated with missing teeth such as gum disease and jaw pain. Good oral hygiene before and after your dental implant procedure is necessary to ensure that your implants stay as healthy and white as possible. If [...]

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Why Are My Teeth Yellow and How Can I Whiten Them?

If you notice your teeth starting to turn yellow or gray, you may accuse your morning coffee or your evening wine, however, the popular culprits are not always to blame. There are multiple reasons why your teeth may be losing their white shine and dentists are able to treat them using different techniques. Why Teeth [...]

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Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

High school can be a difficult place to fit in for just about any young student. With hormones running wild and insecurities thriving in their hosts, traditional metal braces can be uncomfortable. The reality is that aesthetics play an importance in today’s society; the same goes for adults who want a better smile while pursuing [...]

Dealing with Dental Emergencies

When you experience a serious injury, the proper course of action is to visit the hospital. The same goes for dental emergencies; however, dentist’s offices are usually open only during regular business hours, so these emergencies must be treated differently. Depending on the scenario, it is important to follow these guidelines to ensure the best [...]

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Root Canals: Causes, Treatment, and Common Misconceptions

The most infamous of all dental procedures, negatively popularized in the media and subject to much vilification, the root canal is perceived as quite painful and is immediately feared by those experiencing a toothache. Everyone has a family member or friend that has undergone the undesirable procedure and has spoken novels about it, but is [...]

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Smile File

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