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Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

High school can be a difficult place to fit in for just about any young student. With hormones running wild and insecurities thriving in their hosts, traditional metal braces can be uncomfortable. The reality is that aesthetics play an importance in today’s society; the same goes for adults who want a better smile while pursuing [...]

It’s For Real – Protect your future with dental implants

Dental implants, once considered the wave of the future, have become virtually routine in practices like ours with teams that have recieved special training. Ideally, an implant should be placed immediately after losing even one tooth to protect you against receding bone and shifting teeth. Even so, in the evet that time has passed and [...]

By | March 17th, 2016|Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry|0 Comments

Botox Therapy… It’s not just cosmetic anymore.

While most people associate dentists with teeth, we are also experts in the head, face and neck. Botox therapy, used for over 21 years for smoothing facial wrinkles, is the perfect complement to cosmetic dentistry and helps with other dental health issues too! TMJ Treatment - botox is a muscle-relaxer, and when used at half [...]

By | March 10th, 2016|Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry|0 Comments

Keep Your Secret With Invisalign

The preferred method for straightening teeth used to be metal train-track braces. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Withanachchi has recently become certified in Invisalign(R), one of the most advanced components of adult cosmetics. What is Invisalign? It's a proven method for straightening teeth using a series of custom-made, nearly undetectable aligners. How does [...]

By | March 1st, 2016|Cosmetic Dentistry|0 Comments
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