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What You Need to Know About Dental CT Scans

It is no secret that technology has greatly improved most facets of life. The world of medicine has benefited and so have the countless numbers of people who have led healthier and more enjoyable lives. In the development of health improving technologies, dentistry is no exception. Without it, many procedures would cause an immense amount [...]

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Why Are My Teeth Yellow and How Can I Whiten Them?

If you notice your teeth starting to turn yellow or gray, you may accuse your morning coffee or your evening wine, however, the popular culprits are not always to blame. There are multiple reasons why your teeth may be losing their white shine and dentists are able to treat them using different techniques. Why Teeth [...]

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Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

High school can be a difficult place to fit in for just about any young student. With hormones running wild and insecurities thriving in their hosts, traditional metal braces can be uncomfortable. The reality is that aesthetics play an importance in today’s society; the same goes for adults who want a better smile while pursuing [...]

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